How to recover deleted files from transcend pen drive

Transcend pen drive is useful to transfer files between computers. You can use it to copy your personal data from one computer to another. However, files may be deleted by mistake on Transcend pen drive. Also, files may be lost after Transcend pen drive reformat. Is it possible to recover deleted/formatted files from Transcend pen drive?

When files are deleted, the actual data of deleted files are not erased on Transcend usb drive. Only the address information is deleted. So you are not able to see the files on Transcend pen drive. A professional data recovery software can collects all the data and join them back to the files. You can download Transcend data recovery software for free from:

how to recover files from Transcend pen drive

The data recovery program is easy to use and can recover deleted photos, videos, songs, documents and other files and folders from Transcend usb flash drive.

However, the space of deleted files are marked as free. so any new files can use the space of deleted files. So you’d better stop using transcend flash drive to prevent new files to be written to transcend usb drive.

transcend flash drive

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